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Sunday 31st July 2016

Eighteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time



Recently Departed

Bob Adams, Lyn Cheeseman, Robert Loveday, Tony Wiles


Year's Mind

[31] Kathleen Goudge; [2 August] Leslie Wheel; [3] Margaret Minty; [4] Brian Drewitt, Muriel “Mo” Thorpe; [5] Wally Clifford;



today at S. Mark’s are given to the glory of God and in loving memory of Ernest Rice Boulton.  Ernest died in the First World War on 28th July 2016 and was a Bellringer at S. Mark’s. The current ringers have given these flowers in his memory.


Readings for this Sunday


First Reading - Ecclesiastes 1.2;2.21-23

A reading from the book of Ecclesiastes

Vanity of vanities, the Preacher says.  Vanity of vanities.  All is vanity!  For so it is that a man who has laboured wisely, skilfully and successfully must leave what is his own to someone who has not toiled for it at all.  This, too, is vanity and great injustice; for what does he gain for all the toil and strain that he has undergone under the sun?  What of all his laborious days , his cares of office, his restless nights?  This, too, is vanity


Psalm -

R/ O that today you listen to his voice!  Harden not your hearts.

1   Come, ring out our joy to the Lord;
     hail the Rock who saves us.
     Let us come before him, giving thanks,
     with songs let us hail the Lord.  (R)

2   Come in; let us bow and bend low; 
     let us kneel before the God who made us
     for he is our God and we
     the people who belong to his pasture,
     the flock that is led by his hand.  (R)

3   O that today you would listen to his voice!
     “Harden not your hearts as at Meribah,
     as on that day at Massah in the desert
     when your fathers put me to the test;
     when they tried me, though they saw my work.”  (R) 


Second Reading - Colossians 3.1-5,9-11

A reading from Paul’s letter to the Colossians

Since you have been brought back to true life with Christ, you must look for the things that are in heaven, where Christ is, sitting at God’s right hand.  Let your thoughts be on heavenly things, not on the things that are on earth, because you have died, and now the life you have is hidden with Christ in God.  But when Christ is revealed—and he is your life—you too will be revealed in all your glory with him.  That is why you must kill everything in you that belongs only to earthly life:  fornication, impurity, guilty passion, evil desires and especially greed, which is the same thing as worshipping a false god; and never tell each other lies.  You have stripped off your old behaviour with your old self, and you have put on a new self which will progress towards true knowledge the more it is renewed in the image of its creator; and in that image there is no room for distinction between Greek and Jew, between the circumcised or the uncircumcised, or between barbarian and Scythian, slave and free man.  There is only Christ: he is everything and he is in everything.


Gospel - Luke 12.13-21

A reading from the Holy Gospel according to Luke

A man in the crowd said to Jesus, “Master, tell my brother to give me a share of our inheritance.”  “My friend,” he replied “who appointed me your judge, or the arbitrator of your claims?”  Then he said to them, “Watch, and be on your guard against avarice of any kind, for a man’s life is not made secure by what he owns, even when he has more than he needs.”  Then he told them a parable:  “There was once a rich man who, having had a good harvest from his land, thought to himself, ‘What am I to do?  I have not enough room to store my crops.’  Then he said, ‘This is what I will do:  I will pull down my barns and build bigger ones, and store all my grain and my goods in them, and I will say to my soul:  My soul, you have plenty of good things laid by for many years to come; take things easy, eat, drink, have a good time.’  But God said to him, ‘Fool!  This very night the demand will be made for your soul; and this hoard of your, whose will it be then?’  So it is when a man stores up treasure for himself in place of making himself rich in the sight of God.”



We shall join others from around the Diocese at the Assumptiontide Festival on Saturday 20th August, at Bristol Cathedral, where there will be a Procession of Our Lady and Solemn Concelebrated Mass.  In the afternoon, there will be Vespers of Our Lady and Benediction. 

If you would like to go along, please contact the parish office to register your interest.



at S. Mark’s will cease from this Saturday, until further notice.



The Rosary will be prayed tomorrow evening at 6.30pm at S. Mark’s. All are welcome to join us for this devotion.



Fr Dexter will be leading our pilgrimage which begins tomorrow. 

Please remember our Pilgrims in your prayers as they begin their journey. For those travelling in the minibus, please be at S. Mark’s by 9am.  Please note that luggage space is very limited; you should bring only one small bag or suitcase. per person. 

If you require the services of a priest during the week, please contact John Bishop on  07710 693432



The next edition of InSpire Magazine is out today - do take a copy and share it with friends and neighbours.



The next gathering of the Social Group will take place on Monday 8 August at 7.30pm at S. Mark’s. The speaker will be Richard Lees from the Goa Anglican Centre. Do come and join us for the evening.



S. Alphonsus Liguori
6pm Mass, 6.30pm Rosary
S. Mark

Norma Allum, Elaine Baker, George Blake, Derek Moreton, Sam Slade

10.45am S. Aldhelm

Peter Dance, Tamsin Davis, Shirley Driver, Greta Davies, Denise Keene, Jane Shrimpton

9.30am S. Saviour

Sybil Joan Frostick, Edward Glass, Constance Groves, Jean Holley, Helen Robinson, Gail Royle

S. John Mary Vianney
9.30am Mass S. Luke

Gordon Clack, Diana Law, Sheila Maslin, Betty Mitchell, Barbara Tomkins, Mick Koncowski


Preston,  Pamala Silva, June Tatt, Donald Thompson, Ian Taylor, Fr Robert Pitt

Transfiguration of the Lord
No Mass today

Terry Venn-Adams, Peter Vincent, Clive Viner, Margaret Stevenson



Next Sunday's Reading

Wisdom 18:6-9; Psalm 33; Hebrews 11:1-2, 8-19; Luke 12.32-48


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